What is World Cleanup Day 2018?

World Cleanup Day 2018 is a potent “green wave” which will start in Japan and end in Hawaii, with hundreds of millions of people taking part in positive actions.
On September 15, 2018, people from 150 countries will unite to clean the world of trash. WCD 2018 is the largest civic action the the world has ever seen.

Who are we?

Let’s do It! Italy is the Italian delegation of the International Let’s do It! World movement. The movement was created in Estonia in 2008 with the ambitious intent to clean its own country in a single day. On that day, 50,000 people cleaned the streets, the city and the forests of 10,000 tons of illegal trash in just five hours.
From that moment on, many organizations, first in Europe and then all over the world, adhered to the network, which contains 130 countries.
Let’s do it World is a member of UNEP (United Nations Environment Program).
Starting from the idea that it is necessary to see the concept of ‘waste’, Let’s do It! Italy would like to modify the relationship between the society and the models of production and distribution, safeguarding the nature of the territory and rethinking the uses of resources and waste disposal.

Why donate to this project?


Contribute to the development of a common action plan to resolve the drama of the illegal disposal or re-use of waste;

Support and conduct research and development activities that offer practical and creative solutions for new systems of natural resource management;

Develop an integrated and multimedia communication campaign;

Organize educational events for awareness raising projects on environmental themes;

Contribute to the development of a virtuous plan for waste management that tends toward the Zero Waste objective and takes the logic of participative process into account;

Create a cooperative pathway to develop sustainable environmental thought within government institutions and private companies;

Promote and energy plan based on the use of renewable energy and energy savings;

Suggest a model of construction based on local resources which reduces the environmental impact to a minimum;

In keeping with these wider objectives, we can add the crowdfunding campaign, with which we will buy gloves, bags, rakes, and masks for cleaning the city of Naples on September 15, 2018.

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