What is In-cantiamoci?

The project In-cantiamoci was created from the desire to stress the importance of choral singing as an tool for reinforcing the cognitive, emotional and relational dimensions of each individual.
In many western countries, singing in choirs is obligatory in schools, even at a very young age. Naples has shown great sensibility toward this type of activity, with some excellent results, such as in the treble voices of “le voci del 48 e di San Rocco” from a project in collaboration with the Fondazione Pietà De Turchini and the 48° Circolo Didattico Statale Madre Claudia Russo.
The two groups come from two communities located near each other, and yet their socio-cultural composition was quite different.


What do we intend to do?

In-cantiamoci would like to give our children a chance to participate in an international competition. We intend to cover the costs of transport, food and accommodations for 60 children and 6 chaperones along with a technical group of 5 people to participate in the International Competition of choral music, in Molcesine, Lake Garda, from April 12th to 15th.

Who are we?

The Centro di Musica Antica Pietà de’ Turchini is a non-profit Association that in 2010 became a private Foundation, and as it grew it became a point of reference and aggregation for productive exchanges of musicians and singers, through masterclasses, courses and workshops; from scientific research to public releases, and from international competitions of baroque music to project for children. The 48° Circolo Didattico Statale “Madre Claudia Russo” music school makes music and choirs one of the catalysts for the education of new generations in terms of social and cultural advancement.


Why donate to In-cantiamoci?

The language of music and especially choral music, represents an opportunity to offer an exceptional experience to these children, while it also aims to overcome stereotypes as we build a project together in the name of shared culture and goals.In addition to building a sense of identity not of two choirs but of a single larger choir made up of the two, the International competition that will take place in Malcesine (VR) from April 12th to 14th will allow these young singers to share a positive experience with other choirs from various European countries.